Buying at the point
of inspiration

Payvide is a tool that changes publisher affiliation websites into webshops and marketplaces. It replaces redirect buttons with basket buttons and adds a basket widget that creates orders directly on advertiser websites

How it works?

When using Payvide, affiliate stores now look like regular webshop or a marketplace. Customers are no longer re-directed to the advertiser and remain on the publisher website.

The checkout has the same look and feel as any other standard checkout. The customer enters their data and Payvide places the order on their behalf. Payvide does not retain the payment data.

The publisher tracking code is still passed with the order and commissions are paid in exactly the same way as before via the affiliate network.

The customer receives their order reference and email directly from the advertiser, confirming their order. All the order fulfilment, returns and customer services are handled by the advertiser.

What are the benefits?

Payvide makes shopping on the publisher comfortable and easy. It provides a new fresh and modern customer experience based on “buying at the point of inspiration”.

Even more so if the customer wants to place an order where the products come from more than one advertiser. They need only enter their data once and Payvide will place the order on multiple advertiser websites. No longer will the customer have to place multiple orders on different webshops!

Adding Payvide is quick and simple with a low cost of integration. With an innovative approach, it’s a must for any affiliate website.


Full control of the customer end to end process with higher conversion rates. That means more commissions.


Reduces unnecessary website traffic and reduces infrastructure cost. Delivers pure orders thus dramatically increasing conversion rates.

Why you should have it?

Ever more customers are demanding simplicity and the ability to shop online with ease. Payvide offers a solution that offers just this. It allows customers to “buy at the point of inspiration” with the least amount of fuss. If you’re an affiliate publisher site, Payvide is almost certainly going to be the biggest single change to improve your sales performance.

New customer experience

Affiliate publisher websites can now offer an end to end customer experience and deliver higher quality customers leads to the advertisers

Become marketplace

Payvide allows customers to add products from more than one advertiser into one single easy basket

Easy integration

Integration is fast and with minimal fuss. We tailor each solution for each business. Contact us for full details

Quick ROI

You should immediately start to see sales improvements after integrations is complete with higher site conversion rates

Fully secure

Payvide only facilitates the order and doesn’t save any payment data meaning that the solution is PCI compliant. All transactions are placed using SSL


Why not become a part of this new way of serving customers and be at the forefront with this new technology?!?

What do I need to do next?

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